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Various Types Of Editing That You Need To Familiarize Yourself With

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You may have a context that you need to deliver to a client or even get to publish with time. As a result, you will want to have quality work. This will make you seek editing services. Before you settle for settle for an editing company, you will first need to familiarize yourself with various editing types. Click here to get more info.This article outlines different types of editing.


This is basically the lightest type of editing. In this case, this form of editing focuses on making minor corrections. Errors that fall under this category include

The use of the wrong word as well as spelling errors

If you have punctuated your context wrongly or have capitalization errors

The use of inappropriate grammar and style.

When you settle for this type of editing, most companies will take a maximum of two days for them to be through with the task.

Copy Editing

In this genre, the editor is tasked with the duty of correcting repetition, style, grammar and jargon. This form of editing requires going through the context just one time. When you hire a professional editor to undertake this task, they are likely going to take about three days.

Developmental Editing

This is the type of editing that is done with much intensity. This basically entails an evaluation of the entire documents in order to determine whether there are problems with organization, structure and coherence. As a result, the editor may choose to add and remove some sentences in the document. There is the rewriting and adding of new paragraphs in the process. There are cases where blocks of sentences are moved from the current section to a new one. This work may require the editor to use much time and as a result, you will need to negotiate the turnaround period.


When you want to deliver the document to the respected client or for publishing, you will need to make sure that it is in the required format. Click here for more info. In the process, you will have to hire an editor that will ensure that the entire document is in the right format.


When you give the editing task to a professional, they may decide to provide a few pages highlighting areas in the context that need amendments. The editor may also choose to highlight the impact of changing a certain context in the document.

Other Documents

You might need an editor to check on the tables, graphs and figures that you have included in your context. This will be aimed at achieving more accuracy. Learn more from